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Why we are a Ladies Only Salon

Our business philosophy is to be an entirely relaxing and girly salon where a woman can come and get her beauty needs done without having to worry about anything. For that reason we decided to separate the men and the woman. They don’t need to know what we go threw to look a certain way, and we don’t really care to have them around when we’re getting our makeup or waxing done.

Another reason why we decided to go men-free here in our salon is because we are located in an Arab-American concentrated area were a lot of the woman wear a hijab and can’t get their hair done when there are men around.

With this ideology we were able to paint all the walls pink and red, and decorate the salon with candles and ribbons and make it as girly as possible, so we doubt men want to get a haircut here anyway!

It’s a great thing when woman are here from different cultures bonding together over the things that make every woman a woman. No matter where our clients come from when they’re inside our salon we catch them relating to each other and empowering one another and it’s beautiful to experience this atmosphere.

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