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What is a Moroccan Bath?

The Moroccan Bath popularly known as “ Hamam Maghrabi” is a tradition spread across the Middle eastern countries.

What would a person need after a long and tiring week at office and hot and dusty weather outside? I would personally recommend the most comfortable way of relaxing for a woman is a Moroccan bath followed by a luxurious massage. It makes you feel Royally pampered to the core.

Moroccan bath begins with a perfect body and hair rinse. Later the masseuse covers your body with Moroccan soap , it is a black soap in the form of a thick gel and you are allowed to sit in the steam room. Once your body gets accustomed to the steam, the body pores begin to open. The black soap begins to work its magic in few minutes, and then you are rinsed again . The Masseue now puts on her black hand made exfoliating gloves also known as loofah . Using a specific technique to remove dead skin she work all over the body , making you feel absolutely fresh and clean. Once the vigorous scrubbing is finished she applies a body masque. The body masque is left on your skin for approximately 15 minutes, allowing body’s impurities to rise to the surface. The room is once again filled with hot steam and the masque is rinsed off, and again followed by application of another masque that leaves you feeling completely refreshed.

The whole process usually lasts for 45-60 minutes depending on the package you choose. But at the end of process you would feel strangely relaxed , refreshed and glowing. It is advisable to take Moroccan bath twice a month to make your body and skin feel relaxed and refreshed, because apart from everyday cleaning the skin needs to be professionally cleaned up, due to the dust and pollution in and around us.

A Moroccan bath usually refines skins elasticity and clarity, refines skin texture by removing dead skin layers.

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