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Our Moroccan Bath & how we do it

We infuse the best Hammam techniques from Turkey, Morocco, and Nablus to provide you an unforgettable experience!

     Standard Moroccan Bath

-20 min. Jacuzzi

-Dry sauna room 

-Exfoliation using special lufa

-Scrub & lotion

-Shampoo & Conditioner

Time: 45min - 1 hour      $100

           The Queens Bath

-Honey & Milk Bath PLUS

-Classic Facial

-Hair Treatment 

-30 Min. Intuitive Massage

Time: 3 hours               $180

          Honey & Milk Bath

-Everything included in the Standard Moroccan bath PLUS

-Your choice of soap (Lemon, orange, eucalyptus, lavender and



-Your choice of Milk (Oud, Amber, Musk, Lavender and rose)

-100% Argan scrub

-30 Min. intuitive massage

Time: 90 min              $130                             

             The Royal Bath



-Honey & Milk Bath

-Classic Facial

-30 Min intuitive Massage

-Hair Treatment


-Blow Dry

Time: 4-5 hours             $260

Spa Pool

What is a Moroccan Bath?

The Moroccan Bath service is an ancient spa service that has

been practiced for centuries in the Middle East, Turkey,

Greece, and many parts of Africa and Europe. We are proud to

be the first salon in Michigan to offer this luxurious service. The Moroccan bath is suitable for any woman that desires clear, hydrated, and extremely soft body skin.

Benefits of the moroccan Bath:

-Reduces stretch Marks/blemishes/ Cellulite

- Reduces discoloration all over the body

- Eliminates dark dead skin on knees and elbows

- Improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles

- Deeply exfoliates pores all over the body

- Hydrates skin and prevents aging

- Creates youthful glowing skin

How we do it:

Once the moroccan bath is booked, the jacuzzi, locker room, and sauna will be only used by that specific client only. Once the client is changed into her robe and provided swimwear, she will be directed to our shower room where she will rinse her body. Once her body is rinsed and clean, she will be directed to sit in the jacuzzi for 15-30 minutes. Our Lazy Boy jacuzzi is extremely relaxing, it will help relax her body and soften her skin. After she's done, she will move on to the granite steam room where she will lay. The hammam specialist will pour hot water all over her body to open up her pores then apply our organic moroccan black soap. Once the soap is penetrated into the skin, the specialist will begin using the moroccan loofah in certain motions and taking off roles of dead skin. During this process 1 - 2 pounds of dead skin will be removed. To sooth the skin after the heavy exfoliation, the moroccan mud is applied for a few minutes then rinsed off. The specialist will then wash the clients hair and direct her for a shower rinse. A 30 minuet intuitive massage is offered after. This describes our basic moroccan bath and everything it includes. 

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